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Imagine the Possibilities


Star Students

Andrea Zamora

16 Years Old

Oakland Unity High School

Andrea Zamora of Hayward (Alameda County), is a 16-year-old at Oakland Unity High School with an interest in becoming a physician.

She understands the importance of science and has a passion for biology and medicine. That drive is helping Andrea Zamora fulfill her dream of a college education! Choosing the best college could be considered one of life’s most important decisions, and Andrea is certain that she's on the right path toward becoming a doctor. “I am graduating high school next year and my idea is to attend a junior college first, then attend Stanford. I haven’t completed all of my research to narrow down my higher education choices, however, with hard work, I will achieve my goals!” Her current GPA is fantastic 4.20!

A College education? Work? Travel the world? These are all questions that run through this teen’s mind. She's certain about some of them and unsure about others, but one things is clear: she's definitely ready to pursue her medical career. “I love the innocence of children; being a part of their life, and when they are sick to be able to tend to them.” Happiness in children is very important to me, when they show it, it makes me happy in turn.”

From July to August last year, the 16 year old had the opportunity to work 120 hours at the Oakland Children’s Hospital. She earned $1,400 – enough money to buy the iPhone she had been wanting. Her Father, Arcenio Zamora, is from Mazatlan. He is a dishwasher and landscaper. Andrea’s Mom, Carolina Cardenas, is from Culiacan Sinaloa. She is a housekeeper. Her parents, who make a modest living, want Andrea to follow her older sister Josefina’s footsteps. Josefina studies medicine at Merritt Community College in Oakland. “To go into the medical field, there are many more college years required and it’s very expensive. There are a lot of educational costs, but I will achieve my goal.” Andrea promises.

Ms. Batlle, her biology teacher, gives Andrea large doses of motivation. “Andrea is phenomenal! She is ambitious and slowly but surely she is setting her goals. “I have established a very close relationship with her since she became my student.” Ms. Batlle confirms that biology is Andrea’s passion, and she is proud to have her in class as well as being her mentor.

Andrea credits all of her skill and learning habits to her teacher. “She is an incredible biology teacher that loves teaching her students. It can be said that she has a lot passion for her career; she has a wonderful personality and is very kind to her students. If I ever need anything or need to talk to someone, she is always there for me, as well as others. She sees the potential in all of her students, she believes in us more than we sometimes even believe in ourselves.”

Here at the California Lottery, we are proud to support educators and public schools because we believe in our children's potential. Imagine the Possibilities.