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Barbie Fariss

Title One Coordinator

Luther Burbank Middle School

Los Angeles County’s Luther Burbank Middle School is taking its curriculum to the next level thanks to careful planning of its teachers and administrators, like Barbie Fariss. Fariss is the Title One Coordinator for Luther Burbank Middle School in Burbank. Walk down the halls with her and you’ll hear student after student excitedly shout out, “Hi, Miss Fariss!” Among her many functions, Fariss needs to ensure that Burbank Middle School is offering the right programs to get the most out of her kids. Fariss is proud of the Consumable Books the school prints for every student in every class. These are basically workbooks that mirror the student text book. The best thing about them is that the students are encouraged to write in these books. They can take notes and solve difficult problems, then take them home and refer to them during homework time. Plus, their parents can read the books and provide even better homework help! Fariss said, “The parent can see it. So when you’re trying to help your student do their homework at night you have an idea what they are talking about.” Studies show that Consumable Books certainly help. Congratulations to Barbie Fariss and the entire staff at Luther Burbank Middle School!