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Star Students

Michael Padilla

17 Years Old

Evergreen Valley High School

Michael Padilla of San Jose (Santa Clara County), is a student at Evergreen High School in the East Side Union School District.

If he has his way, the movie, music, and theater industries will soon see Michael "Baye" (Michael Padilla’s artistic name) in plays, concerts and anything else he can think of! At 17 years of age, he is dabbling in showbiz in Northern California. In addition to being an exemplary student at Evergreen Valley High School in San Jose, Michael is the pride of his mother, Elizabeth Calderon, his piano teacher Inesa Anisonyian and Ms. Gwendolyne Dixon, his English teacher. “My world is magical," says Michael, describing his admiration and fascination of marketing, cinema, and sound production. “I want to be famous… and recognized for changing the world through my work.”

He knows what he wants and wishes to take charge of his life. “When I started working on my career, I noticed that I had little control over my projects. I then decided that I wanted to be the boss over my own projects, so I needed to discover and learn a lot more about the entertainment industry," explains Michael. This young man began to take more marketing courses, and started distributing his own content over social media (including Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube) to accomplish promoting his image. The 17-year-old is almost perfectly fluent in Spanish, has been a singer since the age of 3; he is also an actor.

In his acting roles, he recently participated in “Beauty and the Beast: The Musical” at the Santa Clara Convention Center Theater (which was sponsored by the NorCal Academy of Performing Arts). Multifaceted as he is, Michael affirms that he loves being in front of television cameras and wants to be part of the film industry. He aspires to expose situations that people have a hard time imagining. For example, he wrote the script for a short film called “God’s gift”, a 40-minute story about “Ricardo”, a young Mexican that was born on a ranch in Jalisco, raising goats, cows and calves. Ricardo is a victim of psychological abuse by his parents, who are set in traditional ways.

In real life, Michael is an average kid who is well-loved and respected by his parents: Elizabeth Calderon, an interior designer who born in Santa Ynez, and Miguel Padilla, a meat department manager at a grocery store, who was born in Jalisco. “My parents have given me everything,” says Michael. “And I want to give back to them.” “Michael wants to be a screenwriter for the film industry, he’s been focusing on that for five years,” claims his mother Elizabeth. “He will not be able to fulfill his dreams without our support as his parents.”

His teacher, Inesa Anisonyan, recognizes that Michael “has worked arduously in his classes, is very talented, and believes that he will indeed be able to become famous.” Another person that has influenced Michael’s life is Gwendolyne Dixon, his English teacher. With these three women standing by Michael’s side, combined with all of his talents, Michael has everything in life to secure a very promising future!